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Which PIC Micro?

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There are soooo many, is there a particular range of 8bit PIC micros that are most commonly used in the industry eg: because of high availability or good price?

Microchip like to make a very large range of ICs all with different feature sets so you can pick the best one for your application, (that has only what you need and not what you don't). This way your not spending money on features you'll never use.
The approach has advantages in industry but not so much for hobby use.
There is just so much to choose from its overwhelming.

There probably is some more general use PICs, i'm sure someone will list them.

In the old days it used to be the 16F84 was used in alot of stuff
but it appears that that has been replaced by the 16F628 as a popular version
The 16F877 is probably the most popular 40 pin version.

These are not necessarily the best for your application, just the ones I see alot of.

Skip all the PIC16F series and go straight to the PIC18F with appropriate peripherals.  Much less painful.  (and if you're not picky about that "8bit" requirement, you might consider going all the way to PIC24 chips...

There's a ... superstition ... that the older, simpler chips (16F84 is a good example) are cheaper than the more modern and fancier chips.  That's simply not true; newer chips are often significantly cheaper (newer design rules means more chips per wafer?  Different fabs?)  Besides, these days you're talking about the price difference between a $4 chip and a $6 chip, which is a lot less significant than the price difference between a $6 (16F84) and a $15 windowed non-flash chip (as you might have had to pick between 20 years ago.)

You always can use Microchip Part Selector tool:


It simplifies the selection based in the needed properties of each microcontroller.


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