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which to go with: free simulator or breadpart and parts?

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im starting out learning about electronics and im doing well so far but the book i read saida bout getting a simulator or breadboard and parts to better understand what is going on.

so what do ya'll suggest?

i suggest you follow what the book suggest.

Get parts and start doing basic stuff like learning to use a mutimeter by building basic circuits and measuring.  If your simulator is free you might as well use both in tandem.

design,experiment in the sim, then build, power and let the magic smoke out on the bread board.

I'd say simulate the easy stuff, like RC/RL networks, but simulate and breadboard more complex circuits in order to appreciate how variations in values affect the output. For example, LC/RLC, op amp, or transistor circuits. I often simulate with SPICE to optimize values, then prototype & fix.


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