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Why Handphone Signal Audiable in Speaker?

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i usually put my handphone near my PC. when somebody call or send sms, i knew it before the hp ring because i can hear it in speaker. tet det tet 3-5 times for sms, indefinitely for a call, annoying! why? is it the GSM et al signal consist of audio frequency? dont tell me the fix, i know, put the hp away.

Audio circuits are not adequately shielded and modulated (think it as AM) RF-carrier will get demodulated. Thus you hear the modulation (transmit bursts) at audio frequencies.


should i wrap my soundcard with tin foil to fix it? without putting my hp away?

Chet T16:
I used to have a wireless keyboard and mouse that was affected by a call or text coming in "it wold et annying by missig rndom leters"

it doesnt affect my wireless kb/mouse though, thats good. not sure but maybe its 2.4GHz wireless, or bluetooth.


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