Author Topic: Why vacuum fluorescent displays instead of LCDs?  (Read 4409 times)

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Re: Why vacuum fluorescent displays instead of LCDs?
« Reply #25 on: September 08, 2017, 07:47:57 pm »
Quote from: AllTheGearNoIdea on Today at 01:09:58 AM
May be a bit off topic but I have recently encountered an electro fluorescent EL display for the first time. I originally thought it was just a LCD display with a EL backlight but is actually quite different.   The one I have is faulty with I think a bad driver IC and i will be doing a repair on this in the future. Never one  to avoid a bit of shameless self promotion see Part 2 here.

  This is being used in  HP telecoms analyser from what I can tell back in the day they were popular in high end equipment but very expensive.  You probably won't want to watch the whole video so start 12 minutes in. Actually if you are interested Part 1 does show more of the display in action as I play with the equipment and as always have no idea what I'm doing.

My best regards Chris.

Chris, I won't to detract too much from the OP's thread, but on the off-chance any here have worked with these 160x128 shift register-based display boards, I post here the front/back view's of the problem you're having. Perhaps someone could post a helpful comment visiting your fine YouTube channel. Good luck!
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