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Wire for trace repair?

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Can anyone help me with some good wire for doing SMD trace repairs?

I like the look of the stuff Northridgefix uses in their videos but their shop is in the USA, I am in the UK.

Can anyone recommend me what I should be getting?

If you mean "wire," as in round stuff, almost any size will work for signal traces.  Normal trace thickness is 0.002" to 0.004."   Compare that to #24 awg wire = 0.020" (0.5 mm) diameter and #32 = 0.2 mm diameter.  If you need insulation, I recommend Kynar.  It's usually thin and quite heat stable compared to PVC.  A common wire-wrap size is #32 with Kynar.

If  you want flat copper ribbon, that can be had but is quite expensive.  Circuit Medic has some (https://www.circuitmedic.com/parts/circuit-tracks.html ).  I didn't see the length in that table.  You can also cut and peel your own from bare PCB, but that will work harden it.  I've used CircuitMedic rivets in the past and have never bought flat strip.  If the repair is only a few centimeters, then I would peel my own.

I usually use round, small diameter wire for repair and more frequently, when I need to modify a PCB.

If you mean this stuff :  https://northridgefix.com/product/2x-jumper-wire-0-1mm-enameled-non-enameled-restore-broken-pads-traces/

TME.eu has a bunch of diameters in stock: https://www.tme.eu/en/katalog/coil-wires_100610/

for example

25.9$ for 0.50 Kg 0.118 mm spool : https://www.tme.eu/en/details/1070-0118-45/coil-wires/synflex/1070-0118-45/
13.6$ for 0.25 Kg 0.118 mm spool : https://www.tme.eu/en/details/1070-0118-44/coil-wires/synflex/1070-0118-44/

the above are single coated enamel, up to 155c

you can get double coated enamel, which lasts up to 200c but slightly bigger diameters

ex 16$ for 0.15mm 0.25Kg spool, double coated : https://www.tme.eu/en/details/1032-0150-44/coil-wires/synflex/1032-0150-44/

also silver plated copper is available (ex enameled 0.15mm https://www.tme.eu/en/details/d-ld15-0/silver-plated-wires/donau-elektronik/ld15-0/  )

of course you pay in GBP or EUR, I just chose USD as currency.

Bought from them in the past, good company located in Europe.

Amazon, Ebay, and Aliexpress have 32awg enameled copper wire.

Example: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07JBQQR38/

Traditionally, patching of logic level signals or repairing traces was done with #30 AWG Kynar wire-wrap wire:


Green or yellow seems to be most common but red will work for me.

Search your area for 'wire-wrap wire'...


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