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Youtube series: The Operational Amplifier - From Abstraction to Reality

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Here is a new video series on op amps that I think would be especially of interest to advanced beginners:


It's presented at the 1st year college EE-level as it requires familiarity with circuit theory, RC and LC filters and Bode plots.

The series consists of 17 videos (so far):

- Op Amp History - The operational Amplifier - From Abstraction to Reality
- The Operational Amplifier - Abstraction Part 1
- The Operational Amplifier - Abstraction Part 2
- A Peek Inside the Operation Amplifier
- Understanding Op Amp Specs - Part 1
- Understanding Op Amp Specs - Part 2
- Op Amp Noise Calculations
- Op Amp Slew Rate Considerations
- Rail To Rail Op Amps - Advantages and Disadvantages
- The Perils of Resonant Decoupling Networks and Power Supply Rejection & the Magic 10R Resistor
- Op Amp Single DC supply Biasing
- Opamp Stability
- Reasons to Not Use a uA741 Op Amp
- Dealing With the Unused Amp in a Quad
- Cascaded Amplifier Cutoff Frequency
- Should I Use an Opamp for a Comparator?

There is one video which isn't in the playlist:

Compensating Resistor for Input Bias Current – Good or Bad? -- OldHackEE

Hi, Hopefully you could suggest a circuit? I'm working with non-inverting LM741 on breadboard. I have a voltage I want to drive a bar graph module with. this voltage comes out of a two way radio signal strength indicator line RSSI. Voltage range is 1.5 volts DC for no signal and ramps up to 2.5 volts DC for full signal. I'm trying to set a bias/reference so that the output of the 741 opamp gives me non linear amplification. between maybe 2 volts for zero signal and 6 volts for full signal. VCC on opamp is 7.5 volts. any help much appreciated, thanks.

Hi, and welcome to the forum!

This question really deserves its own thread. Feel free to create a new thread with a descriptive title.

IIRC there is an online design tool for this situation. I think you can even choose which E-series to choose the resistors from. I think it was on ti.com -- I'll try to find it and get back to you.


--- Quote from: ledtester on November 19, 2022, 01:21:33 pm ---- Reasons to Not Use a uA741 Op Amp

--- End quote ---
I haven't watched those videos and I probably will not, but I can recommend them already  ;D >:D :-+

Something for philco to consider too. With only 7.5V supply, signals close to ground, and presumably no negative supply, this won't work very well, but the common as dirt LM358 will.

Note that your LM741 may actually be LM358 inside if you have bought it from AliBayZon ;)

philco, here is a stackexchange question & answer which might be of help:



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