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ZTP-135SR and pic16f1933


hi all. this is my first post here so be nice or not you choice. OK here is my question. i have a ZTP-135SR GE and i was wondering how i can get a signal out to feed into the ADC on the pic. there pdf on the part does not say anything about powering the part of where to take reading from. if anyone could help or suggest a more useful part that does the same job i would be great full.
im trying to read the temp of a surface about 10cm below the IR sensor

The pinout (see attached) as well as other data is provided in the datasheet. You don't need to power the device, it will produce voltage corresponding to the temperature. There is also a thermistor for compensation/reference.

As for reading the voltage, you might need to amplify the signal first.

Start by reading here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermopile

Tony Sallen, check this application note (schematic included):


thanks a lot guys that was a big help. will make that circuit next week and see how it goes. :)


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