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I wanted to purchase the pickit2. Should I purchase the "pickit2 starter kit" or "pickit2 debug express". I have used microchip products with third parties programmers in the past.  I thought the debugging functions would be helpful. Can I also debug with the “pickit2 starter kit"? Any advice on which to pick.



You can debug most of the PICs with just the Pickit2 programmer and no boards else...

Some old pics require an ICD header and a special connector, so it's up to you if you just buy the programmer or the whole kit.

In order to know if you'll require the whole kit, check the programmable-debuggable pics in this list:

The pickit2 main page:

I only have the programmer and have never required any board else.

I bought the pickit2 on it's own and have been quite happy with it, I've never got round to using the debugger, as i understood it, it was just a better than nothing logic analyser ? but of course useful if you have nothing else although i prefer to use a scope where i can.

Bear in mind that whatever you buy straight off microchip will come out much more expensive than they show, my pickit2 started as listed at £17.5 and ended up at £37 delivered after VAT, handling charges and shipping, to be honest to advertise something for £17.5 knowing they will put another 5 on it for handling (that there is no exemption for anyway) is not very nice but who can argue with a big corporation.

I bought my Pickit2 from and at the end I payed 47.15USD.

I would think ordering stuff in bulk direct from microchip becomes much cheaper but one offs are not cheap, it's cheaper and faster to get pics from farnell/RS than microchip unless your buying thousands


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