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Abloy Protec2 - Challenge to The Lockpicking Lawyer

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Dave challenges The Lockpicking Lawyer to pick the lock on his new storage unit, an 11 disc Abloy Protec 2. But this video is basically just Dave changing the original Lockwood 3572 lock.

"This tool Bosnian Bill and I designed"

He will pick it, he's very determined, and if needed he will make a new tool.

I feel like you are misinterpreting the tone a bit, its just a video demoing a good lock, and one point of how hard it is to pick is that LPL has yet to pick it. a fun challenge.
If anyone wanted to get into that room they could simply drill out the lock, which dave acknowledges.

edit: the post I replied to was deleted.

The purpose of most locks is not to protect from entrance, but to make an unauthorized entry evident, to bringing unwanted attention or require committing a more severe crime than breaking in.

You might just kick those door out, but that will likely alarm someone and certainly Dave will notice the door is missing. Dave could be forced to open the door, but that brings severe criminal charges against the intruder. Even merely damaging the door counts as property destruction, which in many jurisdictions(1) is already a more serious crime than merely stealing some stuff. Maybe you have noticed: the door is self-locking and always require a key to be opened from outside, which is a protection on itself in physical, psychological and legal sense.

If this lock is popular enough, it will be picked. If someone advertises to you a lock as “unbreakable”, you may be sure it’s bullshit. Not due to some theoretical impossibility, but because the existing experience, which should be known to anyone interested in the subject — so they are overoptimistic ignorants or liars. Yale, the creator of the common tumbler lock, realized that a long time ago and departed from the pursuit of unpickable solution. And this Abloy is not meant to be unpickable either: it is only meant to offer certain level of security. Much higher than your average lock of 2021.
(1) Dunno about Australia.


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