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It's EEVblog survey time again!
Plus a giveaway of a BM235, BM786, 121GW, HVP70, and CP2100B
Thanks in advance
Survey link:

Response submitted!

I wanted a rude username:
FYI the form seems to require the respondent to be signed in to a Google account. Not sure if this is an option on the form, or something Google decides on a case-by-case basis, but I haven't needed to sign in to a Google form before. People without Google accounts obviously won't be able to, which is likely to create a selection bias (of a different sort to the selection of EEVblog viewers).

I really like the advanced tutorial videos. For example, last year I decided to make my own LCD, and the reason to do that was that you showed the process and the required work with it.
The issue is, they probably will get less views, and require a lot more effort to do. I mean, Greatscott, can "connect a battery to a FET to a motor" and get a million views, while your custom Heatsink design video has 60K.
There is no justice.

Also, how dare you  :D : Solar roadways.

I like the advanced tutorials, as well as other more detailed videos. However, I also like some of the entertaining ones as well. The fundamental difference is that more people want to be entertained than educated. Such is life.

I noticed that with my channel as well, and that also ties to the popularity of the Mailbag: elements of surprise entice the curiosity of the audience. In a multi-part series restoring a radio (Philips BX462A), the most popular video was when I had a setback and put it in the title.

All this is fascinating, and explains well the formula of successful "reality TV".


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