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Blog #98 Micro$oft's Patented "Instaload" battery holders

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Yes, neither would I, NiMH specific energy isn't practical for cellphone or laptop use.  We aren't even considering alkaline chemistry, because it cannot deliver high current. 

Li still cost more to manufacture versus NiMH in AA form, so for sheer economy of running, NiMH really is just the rechargeable version of were an alkaline battery is applicable.

As for wanting AA to go away, that maybe.  But if you had to choose what your device uses where both Li and NiMH AA are applicable, the bigger question is the importance of size, and weight over economy of operation.

--- Quote from: charliex on July 09, 2010, 04:41:29 pm ---I don't think i'd want an iPhone that ran off AA's , in a laptop with alkaline AA's i doubt you'd make it to the boot screen. Even my old nikon c900 lasts a very short time on 4 alkaline AA's. You could always just make a battery box with a hydra lead that could take AA's and use that for emergencies, i'm sure such things exist, solar chargers etc.

I think I'D rather AA went away , or at least something else became more common. But it seems that for that convience of uniformity and mass availability you're giving up stuff thats taller.

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