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Blog #98 Micro$oft's Patented "Instaload" battery holders

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I rather doubt this patent of M$ will take the world by storm, battery sizes are only nominal with quite wide dimensional tolerances so a springless battery holder will only work when the batteries are exactly the right dimensions! Hang on.... perhaps M$ are planning to produce and sell exclusively batteries of exactly the right specs to fit their patented holders... :-\

Love your T shirt! ;D Last time anyone ever heard positive feedback from me was the sound of my hearing aid whistling!


Interesting.  The main item is just the connector, and its fairly simple, which makes it likely to work.

The key thing is can it withstand shock and vibration, and it hinges on battery's maintaining the proper dimensions when it comes to the + / - terminal specs.

There are 2 variants.  I like the lower one.  When you insert a battery, the long + nose contacts the deeper terminal, while the flat bottom - contacts the outer terminal.  It also seems to be angled to push forward like a spring. 

In the upper variant, inserting the battery momentary connects the + with the - terminal.

In both variants, you could have a nonconductive spring behind the assembly, pushing forward to engage the batteries.

I've submitted this to Slashdot:

So anyone in a position to "vote it up" it would be much appreciated!


Seems like something Slashdot would like. The submission doesn't seem to be in the format that Slashdot stories typically are though, so that'd hurt your chances.

I'll submit it to's r/electronics too.


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