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changing the rigol DS1052E to DS1102E using USB , the dummy guide

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I basically have the same issue. I upgraded version to  and I cannot downgrade it.

I would like to turn my scope to 100MHz, but when adding USB it does not offer upgrade/downgrade.

Is there anyone successfully switched scope to 100MHz from

I added some link to the repo:

maybe helpful?

Good morning,

This topic seems to be still active, so I have a few questions.
1) When you recover a completely bricked  scope , how can you identify the hardware version?
On the motherboard it is noted Dem07 and 94HV. Moreover there is no high voltage part on the power supply for the display.
Any other clues?

2)Can someone provide a full dump (8MB) for hardware version 57 and one for hardware version 58. I don’t know what the changes on a HW57 and 58 are and their consequences on the app.

3)Try some tests with Jtag and a Wriggler (Lol very long ...) Not sure parameters of Adron are sure of 100%, in particular the config of static pins.

see here  page 7:       
Has anyone succeeded with Jtag and a Wriggler programmer.
If he can share his config



Hi, Looking at the github link you posted above
It appears that the files in the folder for the 00.04.04 100MHz_Modded are possibly actually NOT MODDED???
Because when I go into that folder the files inside are listed as "non-modded 50MHz" 
Is this a mistake??  Or possibly I don't understand what is being posted there??
It seems that by mistake the non-moded files are in the wrong folder which is labeled "modded"

I have an DS1052E that is currently on FW version 00.04.04 and I would like to do the update to 100MHz

I have resolve the question and was able to mod my DS1052E to be 100 MHz as I described later in this thread.


I went through hundreds of pages on this subject.

I see no information to discern the Hardware model from the board. (007, 057, 058, others??).
Does anyone know how to find it physically.
Is it marked hard somewhere? (Circuit 2404?)

Looking at dumps, a hardware version seems to be in
001FFD0. (I found 058 on one dump and 057 on another)
How does this information update?

In addition, there is a Cyclone III that is never mentioned on posts  and possibly a Jtag port? (Is it the one near the Jtag port of Lattice?)
Is there no internal programming or it updates at startup with blackfin?

If you have any feedback.



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