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changing the rigol DS1052E to DS1102E using USB , the dummy guide

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I would say the answer to your question is NO that is NOT the correct Hex byte to replace.
(But I am not an expert)

I have been experimenting with the latest 04.04 firmware as downloaded from Rigol
I opened the file in notepad++ and used the HEX plugin to view the hex file
I searched for "e50100a86108080510096089e67d0050"
which is found at 00019710
and replaced "e50100a86108080510096089e67d0050"
with "01" and did a SaveAs to a compatable USB memory stick
Then I inserted into the 1052E and it asked if I wanted to replace the same firmware with new?
I said OK and it did complete the update
After restarting it now
And I now have a new sweep time of 2ns VS the old 5ns
I then did a SELF CAL

And now the scope SEEMS to be working correctly as a 100 MHz scope
It still shows 1052E in the system info screen

I am measuring a 3.9ns rise time with my 74AC14 fast edge pulse generator

Hope this helps you

I have attached the MODDED 04.04 file I used for MY scope.  (use at your own risk)

Very frustrating. I thought Rigol had kind of given tacit approval to this? I stupidly upgraded a 2.02 scope to 4.04, intending on using the Riglol gen.

Now it seems to be locked into being a 50MHz bare bones. I tried the 4.04 found here, and it never asks if I want to replace the firmware.

Did I just jam myself up?

Hé Alienrelics,

There are not many people on this subject anymore. It’s probably a bit old....
I never have answers to the questions I ask.
See my questions just above.

In your case, I think it is necessary to redo via Jtag an old firmware.
And then we end up with lots of questions and necessarily where to find a correct flash...


Here is the 04.04 downgrade firmware in case anyone needs it.

I've mistaken upgraded to 04.04 and the scope reverted itself to DS1052E. because I want to sell it, I'd better have it display itself DS1102E instead of explaining to every potential buyer it's a 100Mhz though it says it's not. After I read  A Hellene 's reply, I realize it is really simply to make you own downgrade firmware as long as rigol don't change the upgrade checking logic in 04.04, which it's no quite possible. Long story short, I copy the 0x00-0x13 hex code to the existing downgrade firmware, copy it to a usb stck then plug it in, the scope prompt confirmation about update. Done.



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