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CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE Home FID Workout Weight Bench Review


Which is the better value FID adjustable home workout weight bench? A $100 ebay cheapie or a $300 Pro-Form Carbon Strength blade design name brand?
FID is Flat-Incline-Decline bench.

00:00 - $100 ebay no-name Genki cheapie FID bench
05:33 - Dave's got the wobblies!
07:08 - Weight = Quality
07:37 - Pro-Form blade design FID bench
13:03 - Width matters
14:34 - No contest!
14:58 - This is a joke, right? 1.5mm tubular steel!
16:02 - Review of the Everfit / Bowflex adjustable dumbell set
18:30 - Summary - Pin design vs Blade design

It also depends on your body (frame) size and weights. First one is rubbish, second one is a bit small for me but looks decent enough for a home jobbie. It does look a little high for you though tbh, don't want to put your legs up like you're doing pilates.

For dumbbell weights I use few adjustable sets of cheap standard weights, considerably cheaper and far less screwing around changing weights over when running multiple sets. If you shop wisely you can setup a pair of 45kg for about $200, extra sets beyond that for convenience are less as you end up with a bunch of smaller weights.

For me, more pros than cons. I do have a perfect set in mind one day, but they are hideously expensive.


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