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Hi all,

I'm interested in learning a bit about DSP (Digital Signal Processing) devices and how to use them.  I've managed to convince myself that Dave's done at least one video on DSPs in the past but I cannot seem to find it.

Did I imagine this or not?

Scroll down to the very first videos here
and start from the ones posted ~12 years ago.  They are more brief than 1-2 hour long classes, yet they show most of the important aspects, and without much math.  I remember those videos as very helpful, but it depends a lot of one's learning style.

If you prefer a reference textbook, search for "DSP by Proakis and Manolakis", though that's a tough one.

This is a bit dated but if you're still looking for info, stop looking for Dave's video and look at the other free content

Rick Lyons has a very good textbook.
The Khan Academy has good background mathematics on why it works.  If you get started without maths and want to understand more, then you do need to study. Euler, Fourier, Trig, Complex numbers, Series etc.
I did SP as a part of my diploma years ago at a time when the internet only played about 25% in contributing to self learning. It was mostly printed matter.
If you want to take your self learning further you have this incredible opportunity where all the knowledge you need is on the internet.
SP is easy once you understand the fundamentals.

I found this book by Steven W. Smith a good read.


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