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EEV Blog 106 - Top 5 tips to bring your product to market

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--- Quote from: Simon on August 23, 2010, 06:38:36 am ---actually for EMC I should be compliant, because first off I don't want to kill my own project with spikes so in protecting itself it will also stop it making any EMC noise and will actually make the whole system better.

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I would not worry not so much about voltage spikes EMC-wise, if you are dealing with a control system (measurement + analog stuff), I would worry about RF-field immunity (that is part of EMC compliance). Unexpected resonances can drive otherwise good system in bizarre state.


And for the topic, I have personally not much experience about trying to sell stuff. I have published many (most) of my personal projects openly (schematic and layout) in hope that someone will found them useful. At least they have been nice cookbook collection of circuits I tend to reuse. But I have found out that most people seem to think that they are overly complex and seek other simpler solutions :) That can be also thought to be some kind of copy protection, isn't it? :P

Agilent has published schematics of many of their measuring equipment, but there are still not much pirated copies around (there must be some, I think).


Well for EMC I am planning on doing a better job than current competition as that's a major complaint about the competition, but yea some people will assume you've made something so complex or not bother to copy something so simple. My design in effect is very simple, but also cunning and based on a thorough understanding of what I'm replacing and it's working environment (ie all ambient factors and weathers). I think there is an element of creativity to engineering.  ???


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