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Dave Jones:
Your video came as complete surprised.  I thought it was purely electronics hardware and some firmware design and test and measurement evaluation.  President Obama signed the renewal of the Patriot Act reluctantly and at the last minute.  He does not agree with it, but there are many power people that agreed with it.  Americans want retribution for the falling of the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon became a polygon, and the downing of the "let's roll," airliner.  We (U.S.A.) want revenge.  The U.K. and parts of Europe are taking advantage of the situation. Our corporations want cheap oil and gas.  Afghanistan is for a corridor for pipelines for oil and gas between the Middle East, Asian Minor and Europe.  Afghanistan is source for morphine.  Europeans abused and exploited it.  Americans are poised to exploit it, punish it for the leveling of the World Trade Tower.  It was the Americans, us that manipulated and gave the rise to the same group of people that leveled our World Trade Tower to ousted the Russians that helped the Afghanistan government.  We (a group in the U.S.A. government) placed the Suddam in power to attack Iran to punished them for over throwing our U.S.A. embassy in Iran.  When Suddam grown too powerful or invaded Kuwait, then We, the U.S.A., invaded Iraq.  Suddam hidden in a spider hole and disguised as a taxi driver and was hung later for human rights violations.  I have noticed all my friend that came back from either Afghanistan or Iraq or both were not exactly the same.  One was unfortunate to have to serve in two places for eight years and when he was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army, then he spent his days finishing a BA in history and works as a manager for a restaurant in Belgium.  He did not return to U.S.A. where he grown up.  He is very proud of the U.S. Army, but that is all.  I saw him dropped out of the university and joined the army and came home different and went to an university again to study history and not return the the U.S.A.  - wow. . .  I have friend that gave up flying, because of the frisking.  Recently, the full microwave body scanners are in use again. If you worked in a restaurant at the San Francisco Air Port, even the food coming in and fruit juices are carefully checked and scanned with a cargo scanner, X-rays.  The food service people are sometimes frisked, too by the guards.  It is very tough being an American at the moment.  Hundreds of American banks have collapsed and more will collapsed, too.  I am still very fortunate.   Had I got hired by a mining firm abroad, then I have little choice, but to fly and be frisks and microwave scanned.  I would be scanned and frisks 8 times or more per year coming to and from geology work abroad.  The ones that gave up flying will have to drive a car or ride the Amtrak train.  I cannot drive to Australia.  I cannot ride a train to Australia.  Traveling by ship would take too long.  I have not got hired, so no worries.  Most likely, I will find a minimum wage job here, no need to travel or ride in airplanes and risk it.  The fear, searches, frisks, microwave scans, and expensive costs by rising fuel prices have made many airlines broke in the U.S.A.  As an American, I am sorry.  The U.S.A.'s policies were not my decision either.  These policies were in place for my entire life time, not my decision or my life style.  The U.S.A. never declared war, but have the war anyway to make war live able and acceptable.  We are paying for the war in gasoline prices, copper prices, inflation, collapsed banks over houses and rentals a few years ago, and bunch of homeless veterans.  Absolutely nothing good has came out of it.  There is not much protest for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, because these bring in good jobs as soldiers.  Most of my friends with the best income are in the military, they have nice Honda Civics.  There is a lot of animosity for the falling of the World Trade Towers, does not matter which group is at fault, the mood is patriotism, retribution for the World Trade Tower falling, and disillusionment of the stagnant economy.  Many Main Streets across American will not recover in the decade window future.  Daily life in America gives no clue that the U.S. government are involved in serious wars.  If there were no news, no web, and no newspapers, no magazines, no journals, and no videos, then I would not know there was a war.  No one is protesting, because the war brings in good jobs for some.  America is involved with Europe, recently to plan to invade Libya, 17TH largest petroleum source for Europe and China mostly.  China underwrites the U.S.A.'s bank failure debts.  China bought up the derivatives of the American housing price collapsed debts.  Americans are expected to buy Chinese made equipment, appliances, clothing, and consumer goods to help the investors repay our debts.  I think, I wrote enough about this topic.  I am going back to electronics, geology, and pol. microscopes for minerals.  


Nice description, you just missed to report that the Greek economy and soon others,
they had become and international experiment , and some American based blood suckers , they mess with it.

From the side of logic, the analysis shown that the Americans they do not know how to make friends.
And this tactic , it will work against , sooner than what they think. 


--- Quote from: Kiriakos-GR on March 19, 2011, 10:54:30 pm ---the Americans they do not know how to make friends.

--- End quote ---

Quote of the week!
(talking about the government of course)
I've probably had more feedback on that blog than any other, and mostly from Amercians who agree completely!


Paragraphs are your friend.


--- Quote from: Lawsen on March 19, 2011, 06:34:28 am ---Americans want retribution for the falling of the World Trade Towers

--- End quote ---

You need not look far.


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