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Dave Jones:
EEVblog #69

HDTV has caused a major unhappiness in the U.S.A. originally.  Many of the older residents like my 91 years old neighbor refused it at first and I have to forced him to learn it by constantly trying to teach him how to push the buttons to control the volume by using the analog TV and set top box digital converter from digital signals to analog signals.  The set top boxes are subsidized by the U.S. Federal Government for all house holds in the U.S.A.  It was for unemployed people like me who could not afford a new TV.  I still have an analog TV at my mother’s house that still works and only ten years old.  It was difficult to teach people how to use it.  I have installed so many set top boxes for friends, neighbors, and my household that could not afford a new TV.  Recently, my mother bought me a small LG TV with the HDTV tuner and I use it for my computer along with a smaller display, dual display computer.

Peak oil is here in the mainland and in Hawaii.  I do not live in Hawaii.  Gasoline has increased by 10 cents per month.  It is at $4/gallon of gasoline.  It is close to $5/gallon of gasoline in Hawaii.  A jar of peanut butter is around $6/jar.  It costs around $1.50/jar here in the mainland.  Wind Mills are abandoned, because these small, independent electricity utility companies went bankrupt or are bought out by coal and oil boiling water turbine plants.  The ugly power and communications cables are left on the aerial poles, because it is cheaper than to burry them into the earth.  Companies do what ever it is cheap in the U.S.A.  You will see a mix of aerial and underground electrical and optical cables in the mainland.  Wind turbines are no good for birds.  There needs to be a way to sound the birds away from those wind turbines.  We have similar bird problems with wind turbines in California at the Altamont Pass along Interstate 5 freeway from Stockton to San Jose or San Francisco, California.

Mauna Kea telescopes are group of observatories, that view the stars in visible, near infrared, microwave, and monitors the amount of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere.    Some observatories are closed, abandoned, due to lack of funding by their research institution or university.  Observatories around the world face similar financial challenges.  Charles David Keeling made his global warming by CO2(g) curve by Hawaiian atmosphere observatory.  This is the Keeling Curve.  

The shower water valve has single handle because local plumbing codes require this to turn from cold to hot, hot to cold, or in the middle by single valve to prevent hot water burns, if the cold water pressure drops and leaving only scolding hot water flowing.  A single handle pressure balance valve prevents this.  The dual, separate valves for hot and cold are available in one to two models in the mainland, but we could only install it by the owner of the house without a building permit.  The local mainland building permit requires that single handle pressure balance valve that you complained about.  My mother’s house has a dual valve for hot and cold, not pressure balance.  We are remodeling the bathroom by ourselves.  If we hired someone, then the building code will required a single handle pressure balance valve.  Rental and commercial properties are required to have a pressure balance valve.  

We are running out of gasoline and good jobs in the main land.  I am forced to ride a recumbent bicycle.  


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