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Well when it comes to programmng I am a bit "thick" I spent two years trying to "assemble" bits of knowledge scattered around the web on assembler and got no where, in a day I had a flashing led in Basic. I gave up on books, I never bought exspensive books and the cheaper ones were written by people who had no intention of helping you but just lining their own pockets, how can an author who writes about every single hobby you could think of write about pics ? chances are the guy was not even into electronics nfact he made a right mess of everything, naturally got a glowing hot review from me of the book and I resold it on ebay to someone that was unfortunate enough to think he got a good deal: well ok a fiva for a bo0ok written by someone eho thinks he is funny and forgets to write about the subject at hand might be amusing for some.

Since I have made a few pic projects including a regulator for a dynamo which handles the dealiong with real time events fine despite beng written in basic.


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