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eevBLAB 106 - ChatGPT AI Has Changed EVERYTHING

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--- Quote ---Wolfram plugin gives computationally accurate answers to ChatGPT queries using Wolfram's data knowledgebase and language. Custom visualizations are given as well. Stephen Wolfram explains how it works.
--- End quote ---

Coldfusion dropped a new video on the subject, and it's pretty interesting. Seems that things are moving way faster then expected. 
Also some employees seem to think that it's showing sparks of AGI, which is unexpected for LLMs.

Sparks of pregnancy...

For AGI you need feedback, indeterminate running time and online learning. How to get from here to there is as big a question as ever.  Of course the moment you have it, using it is slavery.

Well yeah, not full AGI, "sparks" of it. I don't know if by "sparks" they mean "it kind of fooled me into thinking it is" or something else. 
There's also the OpenAI CEO interview, with Lex Fridman. They go a bit into the topic but nothing concrete (starting at 47:35): 

Ok, there is a new petition, with a lot stupid and anti-tech people signing it like Stewe Wozniak, Elon Musk, and a lots of others. They are calling for a full 6 month moratorium at least. It is woth to read the description, as they are touching on subjects like those what we have been discussing here.
This seems to me a last minute call.

(Meanwhile the world is excited and eager to know who was on top Gwyneth, or the guy, and who was screeming first...)

At least one article on the cover today:


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