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eevBLAB 106 - ChatGPT AI Has Changed EVERYTHING

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ChatGPT has changed everything in the space of a month.
2023 will be the year of Conversational Search and computer code generation.
And how MidJourney and DALL-E have rendered artists obsolete, or at least turned ANYONE into a great and capable artist.
This video thumbnail was generated in seconds by Dave who has ZERO artistic skills.
Why The Chaser is setting up a futile paywall to stop the AI invastion.

Maybe it's time to let the robots "have a turn".

I mean, look at what the hoomans have done to the place in the past few years.

Thanks for making the video, I enjoyed watching it, and learnt a fair bit about it.  Those automatically generated pictures, are just amazing.

Even though, I've known about it (ChatGPT, and some picture generating thing(s)), for quite some time and played around with it, in the current and earlier release(s), some time ago.

I'm both very exited/interested in this ChatGPT (and related stuff), and sometimes/somewhat/partly frightened/scared by it, at the same time.

I wonder how it will affect people's employment situation, as time goes on.  So many peoples jobs, are potentially on the line. But I suppose it is a bit like, when people perhaps thought that wordprocessors, might/would replace secretaries/typists in offices.

In some respects it has.  How many office workers, use an old mechanical or electrical typewriter these days?
But there are still plenty of office workers, it is just the nature of the jobs have changed.

Even the internet and google (searches), haven't stopped people from getting jobs, in general.  So, I would guess the jobs market will still survive.  But may just see some changes.

Just another round of buzzword bingo. >:D For example, AI generated code: Code-generating AI can introduce security vulnerabilities, study finds (

try to ask it to show an electronic schematic of ... whatever.
they are pretty useless (till now !?)


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