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eevBLAB 109 - Ebay Test Equipment SCAM

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This particular type of scam is run like clockwork and the "tells" are always the same. Not only that one of the item pictures is a jpeg of text, but also in the description section: the item name, buy it now price, and stock number is also a jpeg and not copyable as text. This is done to make it harder to flag the listings using automated tools, and it apparently works since it has been going on for nearly 20 years.

If eBay really cared about their users being victimized by this type of scam, they could have stopped it eons ago. But running OCR on description images to flag this behavior would eat into their profits, I guess. They would rather wash their hands of it, Pilates style.

I have never engaged the scammers like Dave did in the video, but the next part of the process relies on the fact that you allow the display of HTML emails. We have known that HTML emails facilitate phishing since the Clinton administration.

I'm glad I saw this. I think the FSW85 may be a little too nice to be on ebay (not that I can afford it lol), but this seller had other listings that were tempting.


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