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eevBLAB 115 - Youtube Ad Changes FORCED on YOU!

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I think this already started.
A few weeks ago they started to force "unskippable" ads on me that get through uBlock Origin.
How foolish, they are.
Of course those adds are skippable. It is just a single click to another video. They must be mad to think that I am willing to sit trough some advertisement before a video starts. (For the same reason I stopped going to the cinema 30 years ago and instead I bought my own beamer before they became mainstream).

On itself I would not mind on paying for a service like "Youtube Premium", except that it is still run by the despicable google. So maybe I'll have a further look into those alternative platforms. But overall, I don't care much about video's. I do support several open source projects and their creators, but video's are mostly to fill some time for me.

"This sucks for watching on Mobile..."
Have you tried a user agent switcher in your mobile's browser, have it tell Youtube it is a desktop browser? See if the website will behave properly that way.

First of all, kudos to Dave for not infesting his mid-rolls with adverts :-+

However, there are many content creators who believe mid-roll advertisements are some kind of golden goose that shites revenue all over them. Nope, even if you are monetised, mid-rolls just p!ss off channel viewers. Especially when the exact same advertisement is played on repeat; there is no credit if you watch the whole advertisement, as you're expected to watch it all over again! Which is why I suspect YT [alphabet] invoices their advertising customers using some antiquated page views meter, rather than a more sophisticated 'impact' metric. The more views the more impact-fulness right? Wrong. [And impact-fulness is not really a word either.] I have no objection to content creators name checking to their sponsor, but I am starting to unsubscribe channels with an outbreak of 'acne'. Spots in other words. Keep up the clear complexion Dave ;D

YT content producer @ZackarySmigel has recently published a video about YouTube's advertising woes. His comments about the advertising model, monetisation, scam adverts and YT Premium, pretty much summarise the pain felt by many content creators and channel consumers. Spoiler, his video contains mid-rolls :palm:


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