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eevBLAB 115 - Youtube Ad Changes FORCED on YOU!

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Youtube are making changes again, you know what that means, it's going to screw YOU over.

Depending how bad the commercial become, I'll go back to uBlock (and search an other way to support you)
I refuse to bow to the blackmail tactics from Youtube to pay for premium.

This sucks for watching on Mobile (they did something evil where watching in a browser on mobile automatically lags/stutters the vid, tried every browser and have high speed internet, they force you to use the stupid app).

What's worse is Youtube is profiling creators with ads. I've had my ad preferences turned off since a long time ago, so it's usually just random garbage, TikTok, Temu, the occational clickbait ad, exc. HOWEVER, I've noticed a disturbing trend with certain creators having horrible ads and it seems based on things like country or possibly even whether the creator has an accent. This is really bad when watching technical/scientific or educational content, as it's not only annoying but insulting to the creator, they don't deserve this. For example, on Chernobyl Family, A FUCKING INVESTMENT SCAM ("get rich quick" shit)! What the hell do you have against Ukraine, Alphabet Corp.? It happens on Diodegonewild's channel too! Weird scammy stuff out of left field, what's wrong with Czech Republic? Huh Youtube? There are other educational channels that have this issue but those are just a few that spring to mind.

Alphabet corp, or probably just the robot that runs Youtube these days, is a nationalist pig that needs to be thrown in a crusher. There's only two letters left in Alphabet...and that's F and U.

Muttley Snickers:
I've simply adopted a practice of not buying advertised products, simples.   :-*
If a product or service is in need of promotion then I don't need nor want it.   :P

I wonder if we can fight it with an app to generate lots of fake ad views.


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