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eevBLAB 94 - Why Dont Companies DO THIS Anymore?

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EDN magazine had a Design Ideas section every month, this had a few circuits with explanations on how they worked, so sort of a "Theory of Operation". Not a full blown document for a complex instrument like you've shown, but more of a focus on a single circuit/function. Great resource for getting circuit tidbits and such IMO.

Think the answer today why technology companies don't do this is, they aren't run by engineers/scientist anymore, but MBAs that are only focused on short term gains and executive/shareholder value. There are no more HP and Tektronix of old, when they produced exceptional products, with detailed service and theory of operation manuals, and produced great Technical Journals to illustrate and discuss the technological advancements going on in their labs :-[


Like others, I would love if companies continued to publish those deep technical documents as well - actually, some do but to a more limited extent and in various other media formats such as blog posts, youtube videos, etc. As for having people from the organization showing up on this material, that is still certainly a thing as it can be told by the various Keysight videos, for example. Some employees appreciate this, others don't.

However, don't be fooled into thinking this was for engineering purposes only - it was a crafted marketing strategy that catered to the audience of that time. Nowadays, since attention spans are quite fleeting, long format documentation and educational material is out of the window in favour of nuggets of information and tips, tidbits, etc. I know this from my own experience - anything longer than a few pages or a minute or two sees a severe decrease in audience.

All in all, it is nostalgia of other times that is hitting us. I don't think these types of heavily technical documents surrounding a single product or technology will ever exist again. I couldn't find, for example, such document from Keysight or LeCroy about their 100 GHz oscilloscopes (apart from Shahriar's video, but he is a third party person). 

Actually performa01 who himself is also not the youngest according to himself, produced a really good in depth review of the sds1104x which is partly educational and partly tech. documentation of the scope.
Not sure if you can get such a thing with the educational scopes of the big brands.
Though he is not Siglent, the company, I am not sure about his relation to them, but all in all the effect is similar to these old articles. But I think, the effort to write it and test the scope through was quiet a lot, if it was for free, it is a huge luck to Siglent, and will help many beginers in the field a lot, and direct the to that brand.  So as a long term "investment" it might brings a lot, even if it would cost money(in this case it was actually free according to performa). But who thinks in the west in longer terms?

Hello Dave,

Well HP used to have a full department that did this for the HP Journal, HP Measure and other publications.
On the manuals I have gotten to the point to where if I see a piece of broken Rohde and Schwarz gear it has to be
very cheap as you can never get any service manuals for it. This is the reason why professionally I never considered
buying any R&S gear.



--- Quote from: SiliconWizard on January 25, 2022, 07:09:49 pm ---
--- Quote from: bdunham7 on January 25, 2022, 12:07:18 am ---Because the new corporate masters don't want to give the working folks the impression that they are important.  That notion apparently died during the 90's.

--- End quote ---

But things have changed.
1: Most companies do not care anymore. Turn-over has become the norm rather than the exception.

--- End quote ---

Which then leads to the problem of Company A's earlier marketing material featuring a person who now works for Company B.

Though I've also seen reference design projects, that clearly aren't being worked on by the original designer.
The documentation was poor so support were having to answer a lot of questions, think they are redesigning something as well.


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