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eevBLAB 94 - Why Dont Companies DO THIS Anymore?

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Dave looks at a classic Philips quarterly journal from 1970 and asks why companies don't make historical documents like this any more featuring the employees who worked there?
Bonus rant on Theory of Operation documents.

When you had a problem you couldn't solve, the guy with the pipe would be the one you always go to. Might not have got the answer straight away, but they'd figure out what to do.

In answer to your nice video, the pictures, I think, are generally staged (I suspect, but I mean that there was a cleanup, re-arrangement of equipment and personnel may not be all the same people, who are usually there). It would go, something like this, I would guess.....
At the beginning of the week, there might be a meeting and they explain about the photographer coming tomorrow morning (time made up). Perhaps large cardboard boxes are passed around, and they are told to empty all junk and mess into them, by this afternoon.
If you want to see what I suspect is a real/genuine picture (EDIT: on reflection, even that picture seems to have had some partial tidy up), here is one:

EDIT: On the other hand, production line pictures, do seem to be more genuine, more of the time.

NASA have done progress images, etc for projects such as the JWST, Mars rovers

Print media is last century

Because the new corporate masters don't want to give the working folks the impression that they are important.  That notion apparently died during the 90's.


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