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EEVBLOG - Lab Power Supply and a Video Suggestion
« on: June 30, 2018, 10:16:29 am »
Hi Dave,

Just watched your Lab Power Supply series on Youtube and absolutely loved it and was very impressed with your thought process and lateral thinking.

I left electronics over 20years ago and just started to pop my head back up (shit things have moved on !!!), so videos like this really reinforce or remind me of forgotten techniques together with teaching me new ones - thank you.


I am going to ask a specific question on the forum but for a wider audience my request is for tutorials on terminology and the 'translating' decoding and of extracting pertinent information from Datasheets.

Let me give you an example which is relevant to me. I would like to use Maxim's 1-wire devices in a hobbyist project for I'm working on. I need to communicate over (approx) 20m using so I will need to use the DS2480b to help with the transmission length and conditioning and to ease the pain of implementing a search algorithm.
Three DS18b20 Temperature sensors, 1xDS2413 or 1xDS2408 (dual or octal PIO Switch) and probably a RTCC and EErom of some sort are required.

Unless you know how to do this I challenge you to get a picture in your mind how to implement this system to search for new devices based on the info across the relevant Datasheets

The closest I have come to is this vid

but he glosses over the important bits and uses Arduino libraries which I dont want to use.

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