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Marty! This is the big one, the one I've been waiting for all my life!
Teardown of the classic Data IO Unisite Universal Programmer from the 1980's.

The conductive pad reminds me of a conductive adhesive transfer tape that I use at work which allows for discrete segments of electrical conduction through the z-axis but not across the plane.

I think the waveform gen was mostly to support bipolar parts like PROMs and PALs, which melted physical fuses during programming.
ISTR  PAL  programming specs were very hard to find, and changed as manufacturers introduced faster devices but Bipolar PROM datasheets showed quite complex programming waveforms with current-limits and controlled risetimes.

Looks like the relays were just about switching pins to DUT Vcc and GND - presumably they just disabled the pin drivers for these pins.   

The Toshiba gate arrays in the Pinsite are mask-programmed, not OTP, so no they did not use previous generation programmers on them.

Motorola MC34081P are JFETs.

You didn't have to yank out the conductive pad like that; the procedure for replacing them requires the top plastic section of the PLCC adapter to be levered off with a screwdriver, and the conductive pad is stuck underneath it with double sided tape. See the instructions.

Did you happen to catch the QC sticker on the inside with the name "Dave L" ? Has young Dave been in there? ;-)


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