Author Topic: EEVblog #1306 (3 of 5) : 3 Cent Padauk Micro - STM32 DFU Bootloader Programming  (Read 632 times)

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How to program a blank STM32 micro using DFU bootloader mode via the USB port.
Part 3 of the Padauk opens source programmer series.


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Interesting  five  part series  , but a little out of  my wheel house  Windows  10  uses  a "genetic  driver"  for that  board  so it interfaces  the  Win32k  (kernel)  and the  Pandauk micro-controller  however  if that  doesn't work then you  have to  install a third  party  driver

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Since I can't resist a short rant about the state of USB drivers on Windows and how that whole process was way harder than it needed to be...

It has always been a mess but I wish companies like ST would try a little bit harder, like not placing their device under 'USB controllers' when it's not a USB controller. Microsoft could also have tried a bit harder, like not letting drivers into their auto-install database that put things in the wrong place. ST could also have bothered to put their vendor and product ID in the DFU application note, and maybe include the word 'driver' at least once.  |O

Can't be bothered making a github account, but it would help to raise an issue on about adding Windows instructions for DFU, either to use the ST tool which should work with the auto-installed driver or provide Zadig instructions. It currently says to follow a guide on the dfu-util site which I can't find; it just links to a libusb page which also doesn't say how to use Zadig, and even the Zadig homepage doesn't mention the 'list all devices' option.  :-//

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