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EEVblog #1125 - Amazing $500 Soldering/Inspection Microscope!

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--- Quote from: LapTop006 on September 26, 2018, 03:11:33 am ---

For those trawling ebay the magic search terms seem to be "hdmi microscope imx290", I got mine for ~US$520 including Australian GST, with the 180x lens and a ring light.

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I just use 2.5 reading glasses and x20 magnifier for SMD work and they cost me $10.


--- Quote from: nigelwright7557 on January 14, 2020, 05:41:30 am ---I just use 2.5 reading glasses and x20 magnifier for SMD work and they cost me $10.

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That is pretty much what I linked:
It uses a cheap ($30 usd or so) magnifying visor like dentists use (but cheap) that has a 420mm focal length then the linked article ( ) made a cardboard tube (or old 35mm film canister) as a tube that has the lens (cut to match your cardboard or film tube) from a 2x or 2.5x cheater glass.  Because it has a 420mm focal length they are easier to use than my  Nikon SMZ645 microscope that has to be too close to the business end of my soldering iron for my comfort!

My Eakins microscope broke 2 times - first they have replaced the PCB for free - second time we had a closer look ourself. The memory chip wasn't soldered properly (so watch out if you get or start to get glitches on the hdmi screen).
The first PCB shows up the same symptoms, I also tried to resolder some chips but didn't touch the BGA memory chip back then... so this might be a common issue.

Now I have a question about the power consumption, my microscope needs around ~5W can anyone confirm that? (no USB or SD Card attached).

i read this camera uses a rolling shutter. how good is it when moving around objects? are the objects deformed or bent noticeably? can someone provide a video sample demonstration? thanks

You wouldn't notice it's rolling shutter (at least I did not).


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