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EEVblog #1125 - Amazing $500 Soldering/Inspection Microscope!

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This Eakins microscope from Aliexpress seems identical to the new AU$1800 Suba Engineering microscope for 1/3 the cost.
And can it out perform the $4500 Tagarno?

So basically Suba Engineering is just another Aliexpress/Alibaba merchandise "repackager/relabeller" company ?  :-//

Price is going up, surprise Dave factor.

Bought one with the link in the video and its $522.99 freedom bucks now.  Maybe its the Trump tariffs.

Funny enough, the camera looks identical to the one Louis Rossman uses.

What are you using for HDMI capture on the PC Dave?

I ordered one from an eBay seller a few weeks back after the previous thread, and it arrived today.

For those trawling ebay the magic search terms seem to be "hdmi microscope imx290", I got mine for ~US$520 including Australian GST, with the 180x lens and a ring light.

The search terms for the standalone less-magnification lens would be appreciated if anyone knows them.


--- Quote from: orion242 on September 26, 2018, 02:50:08 am ---What are you using for HDMI capture on the PC Dave?

--- End quote ---

At the lab:


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