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padauk  new mcu pfc460  26io sop28 tsop28

Quad core MCU


--- Quote from: daming on November 13, 2021, 01:07:21 pm ---padauk  new mcu pfc460  26io sop28 tsop28

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Looks really interesting. If only they were available...

LCSC has some new Padauk MCUs in stock: The PFC161 in various package types. The price is not interesting at all, though (>$0.30).


can anyone tell me where you can buy Padauks (PFS154 and PFS173) right now? I used to buy them at LCSC, but they are out of stock since months. Does anyone knew an alternative platform or when LCSC should have them in stock again?

It's kinda quiet here...

I am currently trying to make audioplayer work on a PFS154.
However, the example does not work at all. After probing on the SPI line I found that not only the timing is a mess, the padauk is driving the MISO pin which it needs to be listening to instead of driving.

I am wondering this might be a compiler issue since I can't see any pin manipulation on the MISO pin.


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