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Stock depleting, be quick if you still wanna pick up some PMS150C!

There's a new category on Padauk's website called PML series
There are some speculation that it might be a new series of low power (or even single cell battery?) MCU.

Datasheets for the PML100 have been published. Looks like the L stands for "LED", not "low power", as the PML100 has "One set triple 11bit SuLED (Super LED) PWM generators and timers".
Though operating current at 1 MHz is also 50% lower than for the PMC150. And power save current (stopexe) is much lower than PMC150 (5 µA vs 400 µA). Power down current (stopsys) is slightly higher, though.

P.S.: Interestingly, despite the memory sizes covered by the pdk13 architecture, this is actually a pdk14 device, as we can see from the "ASM_INSTR SYM_85A" in PML100.INC.


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