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EEVblog #1238 - Vion: The World's Worst Multimeter

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You think a $2 multimeter is bad?
A review of the Kickstarter & Indiegogo Vion bluetooth multimeter that promised the world.
Grab your popcorn for a master class in idiotic product design.


Clearly this crap  was  designed to scam people into thinking that this device  would have the  same accuracy  and resolution of  a name brand  Multi-meter.

They should have  done  a marketing  wank video on testing  the voltage  on the cells on one of those solar roadways  8) 

I was curious about how bad this was, thanks for looking. Would've loved to have seen if it held up to higher voltage, and higher frequency, AC. I bet you can get it to let the smoke out then.

I see, the data logging feature is meant to log data about you. >:D

This is a 50+ device? LOL! TBH it's better it doesn;t try to measure current. IMHO no DMM without dedicated current input should.



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