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Is this FNIRSI-5012H 100MHz bandwidth 500MS/s Handheld pocket oscilloscope any good?
Review + Teardown

I bought one of these a while ago and started a thread on it here$80-usd/msg2490162/#msg2490162

It works but has some limitations. The bandwidth is not as good as what it claims and there are lots of timing jitter at the higher sweep rates. But for low frequency stuff it is a very useful instrument for the price and it's really handy for doing floating measurements ;)

Sometimes you need to press the autoset button twice to get it to autoset properly ;)

I had one, but sent it back as it did not trigger well at all (see here). I was REALLY hoping it would work...

Clearly this is  not a professional grade  Oscilloscope , it's  just a  toy   with specifications  hyped  up  by the old men  in  China  with the gray  beards .

This little  Oscilloscope would be  good  for some kid  just starting off in electronics   doing  signal  testing  in the audio range  like working on consumer grade  amplifiers .

I would  have loved something like this  back in the early eighties   using it with my Radio  Shack   five hundred   in  one  electronic kit  8)

None of these sub-$200 Asian hand held mini-scopes are "professional" or even advanced hobbyist grade. I have gone through several of then over the past 2 or 3 months (Amazon Prime's return policies support this sort of research nicely). I had hoped to find a sub-$300 replacement for a not especially old (I bought it in June of 2009) Owon HDS1022M-N on which the plastic case decided to self-destruct, actually crumbling in my hands as I was using it.

All together I sampled the:

JinHan JDS2022A (20MHz, 200 MSps, $168.99)--absolutely horrid documentation, odd user interface, and limited trigger options at faster scans;

Hantek 2D42 (40MHz, 250 MSps, $175.99)--poorly designed deeply recessed BNC connectors, triggering issues with pulse bursts;

Owon HDS1021M-N (20 MHz, 500 MSps, $217.96)--this was against my better judgement, given my prior Owon experience, but it had a 640 x 480 display (curiously it saved screen dumps only at 320 x 240 ???--same as the older model I had). Also it required a multitude of dongles (supplied) for all USB connections (to PC, and for jump drives). THe display lacked contrast and was as dim as the 10-yo device; I had expected better after 10 years;

Hantek DSO1062B (60 MHZ, 1 GSps, $356.00)--this was a keeper... Bright 5.6" 640 x 480 display, screen captures and .AVI sequentials also at VGA resolution. Rated 60 MHz, actually 3 dB down at 90 MHz. 2500 frames/sec.  I like it!;

But, still hungry/ curious I bought:

FNIRSI Pro ADS2050H (5 Mhz, 20 MSps, $52.99)--I ended up with two of these due to a vendor screw-up (if anyone wants to buy one give me a yell). They are not bad, the 5 MHz bandwidth rating is as claimed; however they have the same triggering issues as the other "el-cheapos", triggering sporadically on aperiodic signals, and no triggered operation at all at sweeps > 500 ns.

Then there was the 5012H (100 MHz, 500 MSps, $84.98) of which enough has been said;

JYETech DSO112A (2 Mhz, 5 MSps, $57.99)--This is not a bad unit, I will keep it. In the first, it triggers properly on aperiodic signals including the 10 cycles of 10kHz repetitive bursts I used to test the 5012H. It offers 2 mV/div sensitivity. The front-end does pass 2 MHz signals, but unfortunately the 5 MSps sample rate is borderline slow to properly replicate a 2 MHz wave.

The touchscreen control is fun, however except that it is tiny I do not find any significant advantage over the push-button UIs of the others.

Little MCX connectors too, and an external trigger input:

It does offer usable cursor measurements, both voltage and time; and the trigger point can be set to 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 7/8 of the 1024 point buffer. The displayed 310 or so data points can be scrolled left and right allowing the entire 1024 point capture to be observed (most of the "minitoys"do not offer this capability, making their 1024 point or whatever capture buffers irrelevant;


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