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EEVblog #1265 - $53 360W Lab Bench PSU!

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Review of the $53 Riden (RD Tech / Rui Deng) RD6006 360W bench lab power supply module with WiFi connection.

Test gear thread:

$53 not including a case or AC-DC PSU. But in my case neither of those were needed, so the price was valid.

Horrible noise. Would only be good for basic digital circuits or a coffee warmer.


--- Quote from: Bud on November 27, 2019, 11:38:32 pm ---Horrible noise. Would only be good for basic digital circuits or a coffee warmer.

--- End quote ---

I haven't watched it yet but he is measuring the pulse height at:
24:54 ~500mV p-p with no load
25:34 ~550mV p-p with 5V and 1A load

I didn't measure anything close to that, it could be coming from a bad source PSU or related to the rigol load and external EMI.

I'm seeing pulse heights of:
<100mV p-p no load 5V
75mV p-p no load 25V
160mV p-p 5V 6A

My source PSU = 30V meanwell so not directly comparable to his setup. I'm sure another owner with 60V source can comment. Or you can measure it fed with a linear PSU to eliminate source PSU issues.

What is the relationship between RD6006 PSU input(-) and PSU output (-) and digital ground? All connected together? In other words, how is USB-ground related to the PSU output (-)? I wondered if it all is floating, including the Meanwell.

The DPS modules have an N-ch MOSFET switch at the (-) output (to allow battery charging, no backfeed) which can cause a lot of confusion or a ground fault if the USB port/Serial is earth-grounded to a PC, and you switch off the module you still get current flow.
I've added chokes + Y-caps to lower (DPS) noise but without remote-sense, you get sag under load so it  was not a great idea.

edit: the RDENG USB boards have isolation.


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