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Hi Dave / All,
My boys and I watched episode 168 a few days ago. I just watched it again at 2x speed which is watchable but a bit like how a fast speaking auctioneer might produce a video. The 'T'rex arrr arrr arrr is especially funny at 2x speed.

I have said to my boys (13 and 15) that we can make circuits up and they looked at me quite doubtfully.
So we went through everything on your video.(Listed below)
My boys were very surprised at what I have lurking in drawers and shelves.
I am getting abuse from them about my stick soldering iron so that might have to be the next addition. I am on a tight budget so that might have to wait a while.  :-\

Multimeters. Yes (I have a fluke 77 Mk2 and a few other cheapies and they each have the EXtech 330 the same as you mentioned)
Oscilloscope ..... Hameg HM303-6 bought but need to collect it when Covid restrictions allow.
Function generator ... Maybe (The guy selling the oscilloscope mentioned the possibility of a free one)
Power supply ... Yes. Dual old school Farnell supply 0-30v 2A with current limit
Soldering .... Yes.... But the crap Weller stick plug in jobby, so I got verbal abuse from my boys.
Solder ... Yes 60/40 Multicore Rosin ( A bit thick though)
Solder Sucker ... Yes
Tweezers ... Yes
Goggles ... Yes (Same ones)
Fan / Extractor ... Yes
Inspection Lens ... Yes
Cable adapters ... Yes
Sidecutters ... Yes
Pliers ... Yes
Wire Strippers ... Yes (RS  'T rex' type)
Spanners ... Yes (From tiny to about 65mm  ::)
Files ... Yes
Allen Keys ... Yes
Scalpel ... Yes
Steel Rules ... Yes
Vernier Calipers ... Yes
Screwdrivers ... Yes
Screwdriver various bits ... Yes
Dave CAD ... Yes  (also proper cad)
Heatshrink ... Yes
Terminals ... Yes
Tape .... Yes
Wire ... Yes
Breadboards ... Yes
Veroboard ... Yes
Components ... Yes (A good collection gathered over the years)
Bin ... Yes
Fire extinguishers ... Yes (Many)

ESD wrist strap.... Hmm currently a bit of wire
Leads ... Hmm .. a few

Dremel ... No
Solvent cleaner ... No
Trim pot adjusters ... No
Demagnetiser ... No
Nibbler ... No
Hot Snot gun ... No
Microscope ... No ( We have one but 100x - 400x biology type jobby)
Solder wick... No. need some
Voltage detection stick... No
Flux Pen ... No

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Bosch hot glue gun bought today  :-+
Soldering station arrived today  :-+
Collecting a Hameg 303-6 oscilloscope tomorrow  :-+

A few bits to order from RS.

Getting close to the full Dave list  :)

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