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EEVblog #1317 - $140 2CH 100MHz Fnirsi Tablet Oscilloscope Review

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$140 for a 2CH 100MHz 1GS/s tablet oscilloscope?
Review of the $140 FNIRSI-1013D 2CH 100MHz 1GS/s tablet oscilloscope.
Is it too good to be true?
Fnirsi Aliexpress Store:

FNIRSI 1013D Portable Tablet Oscilloscope PCB by Dave Jones, on Flickr

Any idea on the 2 LED's, I would guess the red is to indicate USB charge, and the green is for fully charged battery, as there is nothing reallt visible on the PCB there other than the charge controller and battery manager.

This thing + attenuator + ignition probe could be useful as a cheap automotive oscilloscope.




sorry for my bad english and long post!!!
this o'scope has been in my list since released date. I even enquire about it in some thread here and one member promised to do a review after getting his hands on it....

for starters i am a complete noob. Although I have an electronics degree, but after degree I went to the service side of things where electrical and mechanical skill were required, so i have forgotten many electronics related skills etc, although i am picking up interest in electronics again.

now, i did not have an o'scope. and my interest is still in early stages so i do not want to burn some 6 to700 bucks for a micsig( with knobs). Yes, i know about rigol and siglent but micsig is battery powered and there is a lot of power issues at my place so.
i was thinking, is it useful for a hobbyist like me. even if it is useful for mare 10 mhz only.  :blah: :blah:
can i measure some basic ckts with it like voltage reg, op-amp, and those educational ckts which is in my electronics devices book??
 :popcorn: :popcorn:

Looks like it is sold under other names here in the UK. Listed on Amazon as KKmoon.


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