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EEVblog #1333 - Nano Diamond Self-Charging Battery DEBUNKED!

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Looks like NDB has patents issues now. Arkenlight has the diamond patent.


--- Quote from: Lord of nothing on October 02, 2020, 09:37:18 am ---Sure I do but when there is a huge power outage like a Hurricane would you like hear a beep who maybe indicate that you should recharge your pacemaker?

--- End quote ---

They don't actually recharge them AFAIK. The pacemaker is under the skin near the surface and they replace the entire thing every ten years, battery and all.

And (b): Modern pacemakers are passive. They only kick in when they detect your heart going out of rhythm. You can live perfectly without one so long as you don't do anything strenuous like fighting off zombies.

NDB was not going to die! I recommend anyone taking a tour of the "new", sleaky NDB website: Their team has grown quite a bit since last year. Use-cases for their battery listed on their technology page has exploded, with maybe the best example of how stupid this now has become being powering data centers:

Across the world, people rely on data centers to save their important documents and valuable memories to serve them in a trustable way. NDB can provide data centers with power independent from local power sources. In case of interruptions in energy, data centers would continue to power computers.

Recall, a year ago, they claimed this to be a 100 uW betavoltaic cell. That is quite a span one would say...

In this interview, they make some hard promises about a smart watch and all sorts coming within the next 18 months (12 months by now. They are probably totally unaffected by the component crisis). I will keep my popcorn ready!

Meanwhile, all the "ORB" tech companies produced by the same gang of people has quitely disappeared from ze internet. Thank Ohm for the Wayback machine!

Also, they are now doing blockchain (... like everyone else) with what appears to be an ICO just around the corner:
Or, simply tour the NDB City. This company simply does everything:

As they are still active, I would fear someone has actually bought into their BS and invested real money in them  :wtf:  |O

And just woow, they have recently filed form 1-A with SEC in the US:
I claim this is even jucier than their marketing pitch being leaked when Dave made his video.

* Employment contracts of some employees including their widely differing salaries (or in one case, no salary):

* Financial statements for all the years the company has existed:
* Confirmation that they have no presence in Silicon Valley at address 50 California Street, Suite 1500 apart from renting a virtual office space:

I realize I am writing and documenting this for my own reference at this point and that none of you are interested in NDB, but I simply can't get off my mind how incredibly dubious this is and the fact that they are apparently getting people with money buying into them. There must simply be Theranos-level of lying going on in meeting with investors...

Update (last, I promise): Hah, I knew it! Provable blatant lies and stealing in their offering to investors As before, they have big plans for a new office, developed by HOK for them (they have pulled more or less the same before). They offer a set of pictures (like this: which is merely stolen directly from here and here As this is now a SEC filing, I wonder what the legalities look like...

So after doing some further research it seems that they are infact a legit company, just a bit overboard with the marketing, we must remember that there is a difference between claiming something, and aiming for something, it seems the project just has some pretty big aspirations, they have not stated that they have a working prototype, yet. I have also found out they have patents as well, and their team has recently grown bigger.

Here are some that I found

, and the fact that they are listed with the SEC adds more credibility than a lot of other companies at the very least.

For now we can only wait for the prototype.


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