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Dave debunks the marketing claims of self-charging Nano Diamond Batteries in the first 10 minutes using their own material. The rest of the video is cream on top.
NDB Inc supposedly have a nuclear nano diamond self-charging battery that will revolutionise the energy industry and power electric vehicle and mobile phones.
TLDR; it's no better than existing 100uW commercial betavoltaic batteries, but has an added graphene supercapacitor in the AA package.The rest is marketing BS.


How could you honestly market a betavoltaic energy device? "Nanoamps until long after civilization collapses"? Sounds catchy.

When i hear "Our product will revolutionise the industry!" , i turn and run as fast as i can.

I got this sent to me yesterday by a friend. My reaction was:

"Be careful of the bullshit rays. Unlike Gamma rays this type of radiation cannot be blocked by lead. It seeps around the corners and penetrates everything. Extended exposure can lead to serious bodily harm."

However later I took the time to look around to see if this was actually a thing, other than marketing BS and this is what i found:
(To those who do not have access to it use

If you forget the marketing it is actually an interesting read.

The youtube video of the founder explaining the tech is strange on the verge of looking non-human:

For a proper trip down the rabbit hole of BS, I recommend taking a look at some of the other "companies" stemming from the founders of this company.
 Most notably, check out the LinkedIn profiles of

* CEO Nima Golsharifi
* CTO Suguru Amakubo
* COO Sheikh Irfan
* Giorgi Gogokhia
All of them tie into Orb Group (, an incubator with fat claims about the facilities they offer (, but with absolutely nothing to show for. They claim to have amazing facilities in the making though (, but all of the images from their portfolio seem to be stolen from a concept design by HOK done in 2012 ( Incidentally, there seem to be a serious company called Orb Group with a very similar logo...(

Here is a list of sites tied to Orb group I managed to cobble together, all using the same web template as Nano Diamond and all with contact address in the 24th floor of The Shard, London (although The Shard does not list them under their company list here

* OrbVPN ( - claims to be an active VPN that has kept it going since 2007(!) and with 60 000 active users. The app has only 11 reviews on Google Play and when you try to click to download or buy on any of their "supported" systems on the webpage, nothing happens (
* OrbEP - a lot of energy BS. Interestingly, the CEO of this company is the same (
* OrbHealthCare - claims to have a lot of more products going on, but given what is known so far, I suspect this is BS too. A lot of the links are dead. All the "products" are just BS. Content on the site (like this video: has been stolen from other places (e.g. here. Yes, there is a 1 minute commercial:
Given all this, I believe we are treating the claims of NDB way too serious (check especially out the claims of the ORB Electric Vehicle: A charge time of 4 minutes sounds nice!). For some reason, TechCrunch picked up on their press release, giving this much more attention than it should. I fully believe all that is in that press release is complete BS, and that all of the heavy-lifting names being dropped (Michael Pepper, Darrell Mann, Mihaela Ulieru, John Shawe-Taylor) have been dragged into this without their knowledge or consent (the pictures on NDBs company page look a lot like cropped versions of the LinkedIn pictures). Also, none of these heavy-lifters acknowledge any connection to NDB on their LinkedIn profiles at least.

There is probably a lot more. I claim mega-BS on this one! TechCrunch should never have posted anything on this company in the first place.


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