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Dave finally bought a fully electric car!
A 2020 Hyundai IONIQ Electric Elite.
A discussion about buying an electric car in Australia, comparison to the Nissan LEAF and others, and picking up the car.

The 30min drive back to the lab:


In some countries, we can have power outages lasting a week or more.  That makes a good case for a plug-in hybrid!  :D

Or a propane/lng/diesel whole home generator backup.


I like the idea of doing it the other way round, i.e. let the PHEV act as a power source for the home during a blackout.  Saves having an expensive generator standing around doing nothing for 99% of the time.

That only works for short bursts, certainly not a week. Besides the generator is only 7k with install. You ruin your car battery trying to backup the house it'll probably be similar cost but also mess up your car for some time.

This is just the conclusion I came to when trying to find a good source for batteries I could use to build a home backup system. The cost of batteries and an inverter alone is hugely costly while still not backing up the whole house(include AC since I'm in california).


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