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Dave visits Transit Systems to take a look at a fully electric bus with a 328kWh battery back running on regular Sydney bus routes. How does it compare to an electric car?

Full Video on EEVdiscover:

Pretty cool.

The fire departments around me (California Bay Area) had been showing this electric fire engine off as a potential buy. I think they decided against it because the amount of time you can run it purely on battery is relatively low before a diesel generator kicks in, as well as it being a lot smaller than a traditional fire engine here in the states (less storage space for hose, water, equipment, etc.)

This is also interesting alternative
They are testing it here in Prague

It have just a "small" 47 kWh LTO battery
And use overhead charging at end stations and power on steep hills
So no need to have cables on roads and huge batteries in buses


We've had a small fleet of BEV busses doing the rounds in Christchurch NZ for a bit over a year too. Bit more loud and proud with the branding though. 25 more due next year.

Pretty much 100% of the electricity in the South Island comes from hydro so there's really quite an impact switching from diesel.

Posted this in the Youtube comments but thought it might get more interest here. Definitely worth watching. Sydney trialed an electric bus 40 years ago! Check out this episode of Torque - an 80s Australian motoring TV show hosted by Peter Wherrett

If this was a printed article dated 2020 you wouldn't suspect if was really from the early 80s - same concerns about pollution in the cities, battery charging/swapping and bureaucratic BS.


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