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EEVblog 1378 - NEW Uni-T UT61E+ Multimeter

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Is the new Uni-T UT61E+ Multimeter still the bang-per-buck king the existing UT61-E was? How does it compare? Is the increased cost worth it?
And what about the ANENG AM870 at half the price?

Nice meter, though 20A DC measurement, with a 10A fuse...... Guess it is the same current shunt, just with the "30 seconds maximum" there to prevent you blowing the fuse too often.

Waiting for Joe to blow it up, and if it will survive the grill starter lowest energy test that he has. My bets are it might just barely pass, but will fail on the higher energy tests. But at least they spent the 30c and added in the 3 MOV's to it.

Looking at the high resolution photoset, soldering on the input side not the best, with the lovely splatter on the input side.

Nice photos there Dave, that cardboard box is doing great work!

Extra cost gives you some extra features:

AC+DC Volt
Latched continuity

The safety of the old UT61E depended on model, there was a EU model with better safety.
I wonder if the new model has same issue in the current ranges as the old model, the burden voltage is a bit high in the high uA and mA range.

Is it a problem that the new one won't accept a standard BNC female to dual banana male for mA?


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