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There are places other than roofs that would make sense once every feasible roof and existing roof-like structure is already covered, but until then it isn't really worth discussing, we are a long, long way from having to get creative in finding places to put solar panels.


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Solar canals seem like a good idea.  The panels are place above canals and not only generate power, but reduce evaporative water loss from the canals.

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The problem I see is that putting solar panels over waterways -effectively blocking the sun- will severely disturb the aquatic life in the water and probably cause massive bacteria / algea problems (with associated health hazzards and smell). Solar panels over canals will only be suitable for canals which are used for fast running water (like during a rain season) and are dry for most of the year.

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Those canals have a very different reason than what we have here at the end of the street. They are used to supply cities with fresh water. The entire canal is paved with concrete and they drain it every now and then to get rid of all the junk and life in it. It's more like an artificial river.
Placing solar panels above them 100% makes sense.

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Also doesn't algae require light to live? If solar panels block the light there might even be less contamination because there would be less life happening in the water.

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It is not that simple. A quick Google shows that algae can also thrive in low light conditions because plants can't grow but algae do; the nutrients have to go somewhere.

Spain is funny with solar - especially grid connected.

There is hardly any solar PV in Spain - compared to the amount of sunlight. And that is all due to government protection of the energy companies revenue.

All the energy companies are so inefficient that they have huge debts. So private solar energy is discouraged as it could take money away from the electricity companies.

In Spain you pay electricity  in 2 ways - you pay a "connection charge" for the cable potential maximum output and then you pay for your actual consumption. And it ain't cheap. I think I pay Euro 80,- per month for a peak 12 or 16 kWh  connection - and my consumption is only 50-60 Euro / month. So Spain has "low" (not) /kWh prices but the "standing charge" is gigantic. In the UK my connection charge is about GBP 9/month but no "peak" consumption limit apart from the "cable / road" limit.


--- Quote from: kaz911 on May 09, 2021, 11:02:36 am ---Spain is funny with solar - especially grid connected.

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But they have the largest amount of concentrated solar power.
AFAIK they messed up the subsidy scheme, people were running diesel generators all day to get the solar subsidy and there was a huge backlash.
Honestly, Europe shouldn't let them handle their solar production, just buy half a province and fill it up with panels.


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