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EEVblog 1389 - Spanish Solar Pavement STUPIDITY

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A government in Barecelona Spain has paid 30,000 euro for a 9kW solar pavement from Platio.
This perennial favorite topic never ceases to provide debunking entertainment!

I can definitely say the SA government will never do solar roadways or pavements. the cost and the idiocacy is not the thing that will stop them, it is that the minister of energy has a massive want to have good old LPG power ships from Turkey come in, as there is a massive payment back to the corrupt from it, and a continuing flow of money from the "connected" companies that make a massive mark up on the LPG they will import to use. The same SOE that was paying $10 for a roll of toilet paper, and $2 per black garbage bag, along with $100 for a simple wooden broom, because the suppliers were "preferred suppliers" on the books, and they were "urgently needed supplies". Solar power is way too much of an effective thing, plus there is little room for the beneficiation from continued suppliers.

There is a whole commission on about it at the moment, with all blaming the other, and nobody was at all responsible, it was done by "others". You can watch it on YT live, but be prepared to suspend belief a lot.

Ahaha. This is just endless.  :-DD


At this point, one wonders if this entire topic doesn't just deserve a:


But when your boss comes to you with this "great new project" and it turns out to be this, what do you do?
I can't imagine any engineer that is smart enough to build one of these to not be smart enough to realize how ridiculous it is.  :-//


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