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EEVblog 1390 - NEGATIVE Household Solar Consumption? WHY?

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--- Quote from: kaz911 on May 13, 2021, 11:15:35 am ---I am amazed at the rats nest.....
anyway - to make a future safe panel - am I correct in saying "split it" so mains input / output - then to a "feeder panel" (Solar, Battery, Generator) - then to the "consumption panel"
Only issue there would then be power for battery charging would not show in "consumption"
So what would be the ideal setup for multiple input source(s) + battery.. ? incl. ability to run off-grid.
Rather relevant for me as I'm designing my new house specs at the moment. :) and I'm designing for redundancy and brownouts.

--- End quote ---

The only issue is the consumption measurement. You have to ensure that there is place to put that before the load fuses but after the batteries and grid connections and fuses.

BTW I decided to modify the panel to make the Enphase system only measure its own production instead of both.
This requird me to feed the Sunnyboy production through the enphase consumption current transformer to cancel it out.
Will probbaly do a quick video on it.
Seemed kinda dumb to have both system measuring the total. So now only the Solar Anlytics system monitors the total Production and Consumption. And that's a good thing because it's resolution is way better than the Enphase system.


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