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EEVblog 1398 - Western Digital RED 6TB Hard Drive TEARDOWN

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Dave's Western Digital RED NAS hard drive failed. Bugger the warranty, teardown time!

Failure video:

@EEVBlog The head assy is undoubtedly machined out of a single piece of metal. We regularly make parts more complex than this at my workplace. There's no good reason I can see to cast it - the part is fairly small and that level of precision requires post-machining operations regardless. That doesn't necessarily mean that it's done using conventional machining, I can certainly see a possible use for wire EDM here.

The housing on the other hand is undoubtedly cast, with certain areas post-machined (motor spindle mount, head mount etc). As it's larger and doesn't require much precision except in a few areas, that would seem like the most likely candidate. The soft corners are a giveaway too.

Wire EDM seems way too expensive for such a component (and this quantity).

Where do the 4 parallel connections of the main motor flex bugger off to?

Also, the head coil, how does that work? I can not exactly wrap my head around the magnetics going on between that weirdly shaped coil and the two magnets tbh.

Dave, the “dessicant bag” is not that. It is, in fact, a special pad to collect stray oxide particles which are shed and flung off the discs, hence its height and position.

@Rdx It depends entirely on the precision required. I would assume the moving assembly needs to be fairly well balanced, but as I don't work in the hard drive industry I couldn't tell you how well.


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