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EEVblog 1408 - $5M WiGL Wireless Charging BUSTED!

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WiGL have raised almost 5 MILLION dollars on StartEngine.
What's worse than another wireless charging technology startup? - One that doesn't really have any original technology!
This one is just embarrassing.
And they want to comepete with Energous, WiTricity, Ossia and others, LOL.

Sorry for the length, here are some handy time markers:
00:00 - WiGL Raised $5M on StartEngine
02:50 - A look at the StartEngine campaign
07:15 - It's like WiFi for Power! Where have we heard this before?
12:02 - Let's comete with Enerous, HUAWEI, WiTricity, and Ossia. LOL
13:52 - Brand Dominance!
16:00 - Let's watch the promo video!
17:38 - The AMAZING WiGL Energy Unit technology!
23:07 - A whopping 2.5mW!
25:56 - All hail the White Paper!
29:40 - The Patent
34:12 - Let's charge an iPhone!
36:58 - Their latest technology demonstrator!
38:15 - WiGL Tech Talk with the founder showing off their latest tech!
46:23 - We've already done it! No, no you haven't.
47:49 - Uh-Oh! We have a SKEPTIC!

WiGL Video:
White Paper:
Home page:

This technology could be used to charge a smart phone or electric car.

All it needs to do is transfer enough power to switch a logic signal driving a relay connected to the mains

The applications are limitless! This could suck the money from dumb people! It could suck money from dumber people! It could suck money from rich and poor dumb people alike! Wow!

just use imagination

For a near identical product, and one that contains some actual original tech to try and do 5W wireless charging, see my debunk of the Xiaomi wireless charger. This is EXACTLY what the WiGL will have to be if it wants to receive 5W directed RF power. The numbers and issues will be exactly the same, so just replace the word Xiaomi with WiGL and you have another Part 2 debunk of WiGL:


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