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00:00 - Dancom RT403B 25W VHF Marine Transceiver teardown.
09:07 - Workbench of the week, Tony Albus:
12:36 - Riedon SSA-100 100A Differential Isolated Current Sensor.
22:19 - DODGY! Soviet era mains rechargable torch
27:36 - Jon Newcomb's Microcontroller Proto Boards
33:57 - Affable Snake Breadboard LED bargraph
35:34 - Mystery $2 ebay item DESTROYED by Widlarizer!
37:47 - Present from a 13yo viewer
39:40 - Multimeter PicoProbes:

That case is what you get off a 3D printer which is working properly, rather than something like a Creality firing on three cylinders with a hole in the exhaust.


The 1st item is a marine VHF, and the invoice / warranty forms are in Dutch, not Danish (like Australia not Austria).
The module is an Australian made (by Sigtec) ATIS module, which is sort of a 'roger beep' transmitting the station callsign through a FSK pulse train.
This ATIS became mandatory on inland waterways in 1995 or so.
This particular module also has a killer, which detects and suppresses this rather unpleasant FSK signal on the audio output of this radio (through the white wire to the audio amp).

The soviet mains charged torch has been copied into a one hung low Chinese shaver

certainly dangerous.

How did the 'FLASHLIGHT' charge the batteries work.  :-//


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